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Dr. Eric Bogaart, D.C.

-Melissa F.

"My boyfriend and I LOVE Dr. Eric & Dr. Marie - their entire staff is friendly, helpful, and always welcoming. The two doctors work together as a team to make sure you get the proper care and they are VERY knowledgeable and will explain what they are doing to you step by step in terms that you will understand. They have never let us down! Great job Neenah Chiropractic!!"

-Suzy J.

"The people here are amazing, they make you feel welcome and are very friendly. As for the Doc, I can honestly say I would not be walking without him. I'm so glad I walked in these doors."

-Lori F.

"I started seeing doctor B. because of my migraines. After my first initial visit, I could see a difference. Doctor B. is a caring and professional person who listens to your concerns. His staff is very friendly and always welcomes you by name when you arrive. I would definately recommend Neenah Chiropractic and Rehab for all you chiropractic needs."

-Jessica J.

"I have been seeing Dr.B. for almost 2 years! I keep coming because I know he has helped with so many different issues with my back, neck and wrists. The office staff is so friendly and helpful when I come in. They help with my children who love them too! I have beem to other chiropractors who have not been very helpful. Dr. B. is very nice and talkative. He is also very knowledgeable on other subjects which help me and my family! I love coming to the office and seeing everyone. Thank you for being so great!"

-Terry E.

"Before coming to Dr. Bogaart I couldn't even check my blind spot in my car. Now everything is fine."

-Eileen D.

"I am so very pleased to have found Dr. Marie during local fair days in Oshkosh. She was so kind to set up an appointment for me with Dr. Bogaart. I had much shoulder pain and low back pain. Happy to report after a few months of adjustments, I am now able to sleep the night thru and feeling rested. Giving me much more energy. Thank You!"

-Connie B.

" I had shoulder and neck pain that kept me awake at night. When I started with Neenah Chiropractic & Rehab, within a week of treatment the pain was gone and I was able to get some sleep. From the initial exam and x-rays to the follow up care the doctors have been very informative and they answered all my questions. Staff members are friendly and willing to help."

-Sunny L.

"Dr. Eric and Dr. Marie are fantastic chiropractors. Very personable, take time to answer any questions, and provide exceptional care. Highly recommended to anyone who is nervous about chiropractic care, or has had a bad experience elsewhere. They, and their whole staff, are just great!"

-Sheri F.

"My name is Sheri, I am 61 and I teach 2 years old's at a day care center. I do a lot of bending and lifting everyday. I started back aches about 3-4 years ago and I went to my doctor to see what was wrong. She never took an x-ray and sent me to a physical therapist. After weeks of seeing him and a very large bill, nothing improved. A couple years later, I saw Dr. Bogaart's ad in the paper. I went to see him, I had never been to a chiropractor before and I was scared. He took an x-ray and showed me my curved spine and started treatment. I'v been pain-free ever since. He finds the problem and he treats it. The whole staff in the office are very people friendly, I feel like they are all like a family. They make you feel very welcome."

-Cynthia S.

"The staff at Neenah Chiropractic & Rehab are more like friends. They are cheerful, kind, helpful and the doctors really treat you like you are the only patient in the place at the time. You leave feeling physically much better , and always in greater spirits! I've recommended Dr. Eric and Dr. Marie to at least ten people- and they are glad they go, also. They, too, enjoy the atmosphere and health classes, as well as the comprehensive and very satisfactory care. Any problem that arises, Dr. Eric is right on it! Thanks neenah Chiropractic & Rehab for years of quality care"

-Wayne M.

"When I first walked into Dr. Bogaart's office, I was hurting. He saw me in the afternoon of the same day I walked in. He adjusted me and relieved most of the pain in my lower back. I was very thankful for what he did for me. He is very good at what he does. He is forth-right, honest, listens well and his character is beyond reproach. I talked my wife into seeing him and she has been helped too. As a chiropractor he is just what we need."

-Debra S.

"Doctors Eric and Marie are well trained to help correct the position of the neck and back. My posture and neck pain, along with my lower back pain was treated and I experienced relief from pain, stiffness, and gained improved flexibility in my ranges of motion. Both doctors are effective, but gentle in their treatment. They are sensitive to patient needs and are accomodating with patients insurance and personal payments. Never having believed in chiropractic care, I was skeptical at best. My experience with Drs. Eric and Marie have completely changed my opinion on this method of care. They are terrific professionals and delightful caring people."

-Jim C.

"In Sept. of 2006, I was having severe pain in my back that ran down into my legs. I had difficulty sitting, walking, and standing. I started going to Dr. Bogaart. At first, I went every day, sometimes twice a day, for an adjustment. As it got a little better I was able to go once a week. I'm still going for my weekly adjustments. Eventually, I'll need surgery but for now I'm so grateful for all the support and help Dr. Bogaart has given me. He's very thoughtful and caring. You always feel welcomed either it be for an appointment or a visit."